七一,去咗灣仔星街嘅 olala! 充滿驚喜!

好好味嘅 apple tart

第一係:無 cinnamon 嘅蘋果tart! 可惜的是 vanilla ice cream 無 vanilla seeds :x

蝦 linguine

蝦 linguine

linguine 中文叫咩?(seriously I have no idea…)

呢個蝦麵… 點講好呢? 我個人來說就非常之歡喜… 味道不是太醲,好香,完全感受到啲蝦嘅鮮味 :D~~



咖喱味不太重,羊不太酥 :)

Baby Mussels

Baby Mussels

I can only say, it’s nicer than loads of other places… super yummy and fresh :)

無花果 salad

無花果 salad

One of the most refreshing & tasty salad I have ever had!!!!!! 5+++++!!!!!

seafood platter

seafood platter

我唔食蠔所以唔知, 但啲蜆同蝦就好香 :)



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